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Monday, April 22nd, 2013
8:52 pm
Monday, June 14th, 2010
2:40 am
Seeking some company
Hello, I'd like to keep my name private, but you may call me Auron. I'm a 21 year-old female and I suffer from chronic depression. I am currently on medication for depression. However I feel as if my mood hasn't gotten much better. In fact, I feel more depressed and suicidal.

Lately I've been feeling incredibly lonely. I don't feel very connected to my friends anymore or their lives. It is most likely my fault, but every since I moved away to college, I just feel extremely lonely. On the topic of college, this has been on my mind alot lately. You see this coming year is supposed to be my senior year. However, I have yet been able to acquire a loan for college. Without a loan, I won't be able to afford the 31k bill.

I am also trying to complete a 10 page story for a teacher that I owe work for in order to pass a class. I received an incomplete grade for the year and need to finish this work in order to get a letter grade. The problem is that my depression is further causing me to be unmotivated to draw. I've been trying to give myself busy work,  but nothing seems to cheer me up.

I guess I just need someone to talk to or to listen to.
Thursday, June 10th, 2010
6:16 pm
And this is when the sunshine begins to disappear..
Hello, I'm new to this but my name is Cathy. I'm 16 and I guess I'm horribly depressed.
None of my friends understand. I dont know what to do anymore, everyone I've ever trusted has dissappointed me. I'm so far gone, I don't know if I'm worth being saved anymore. A few days ago I overdosed on muscle relaxers, I would have died if I didn't puke them all up. Sometimes I wish I didnt puke them up. I dont know really what I'm looking for by posting to this site. I guess I thought I might be able to find someone who really understands or I hope to anyways.
Saturday, March 13th, 2010
4:20 pm
 Hello, I am Alyce or Aly for short. I am 16 years old. I don't expect many 16 year-olds to be in this community but I'm okay with that. This is my junior year in High School and up until this year I was a straight A+ student taking all honors and AP classes. I did it all, the works: after school volunteering, hanging out with my friends, being in all of the school plays and musicals. People have told me that it all seemed effortless on my part.

It wasn't effortless. Something was very wrong. I remember one night (my sophomore year) when I tried to tell my mom how unhappy I was and that I thought I was depressed, she actually yelled at me. She said it was impossible to get straight A's and be depressed. A year later during my junior year (which we were all told was the most important year for colleges) I just couldn't handle the pressure. My second quarter of the school year, I couldn't go through the motions of the day anymore. I stayed home from school a lot, couldn't pay attention in class, stopped going out with friends, stopped doing my work, and I basically stopped being me. I would lay in my bed, not shower and eat away all of my feelings. I've missed 34 days of school this year which is truant and punishable by law. Needless to say, I started failing all of my classes.

Okay. So now it was obvious that something was wrong with me. We set up a meeting with a psychologist at a place called Cornerstone Psychological Services..or something like that. It's supposed to be national so maybe some of you actually go to a similar place. My psychologist diagnosed me wish Generalized Anxiety Disorder, first off. After a few meetings she diagnosed me with major depression too. 

We just had a meeting yesterday and she said that I've been clinically depressed for quite some time, but I kept pushing myself. She said I've gotten to a point where I've run out of "push" which is why I've messed everything up this year. 

So, now, my doctor, my psychologist, and I are working on figuring out the right dosage of anti-depressant for me. I am also working on mental strategies to deal with my anxiety. Currently, we're having me focus on the "something is better than nothing" way of thinking. If I can't force myself to write a whole essay that's due, I have to do part of it, whether I feel up to doing 30 minutes of working or even 5 minutes. It seems simple now, but it took me a while to figure it out. We're also trying to regulate my sleep patterns and make sure I attend school every day. My teachers had a meeting about me and they're trying to be understanding and patient. I have an extension on a lot of my work but sometimes the teachers act as though I'm being spoiled. It's hard to find people that truly understand.

Uhm. So I know I wrote a lot, but that's the general idea of it all. I still struggle a lot to pull myself out of my depressive states. If I could give any advice to someone going through what I'm going through, I would say that "something is better than nothing". You have to get out in the world to beat depression. Don't withdraw from everything and hide in your room. I know it feels safe and I know it's comforting, but ultimately it makes you feel worse later. We all fall down. Just pick yourself back up again or let the others around you who care about you pick you up. I believe everyone is truly worth something beautiful, we all just have to feel good about ourselves to be able to show it and be it. You can beat depression.

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Tuesday, April 17th, 2007
11:19 pm
Meaning fights Depression
I'm trying to find a way to overcome my depression as permanently as possible and I found this comment on a website somewhere. Thought you folks may find it interesting,


Building a Meaningful Life Is the Best Medicine

Depression is known as the common cold of mental illness. Whether it is a friend, a patient or a student, it just seems like everyone is suffering from depression. In fact, one out of six people will be diagnosed with the disorder during their lifetime. Ouch! A lot of tears are being shed!

Fortunately mental health pro-fessionals are well-equipped to handle widespread depression. There are countless medications that "fix" the chemical imbalance and plenty of therapists are willing to lend an ear. The media has even joined the campaign to increase awareness. From public service announcements to celebrity accounts of the disease, there is much discourse on the topic. With the exception of Tom Cruise's foolish display on The Today Show, much of what I have seen and heard is accurate. And that's the good news.

Sadly, even with this avalanche of information, some depressed folks are still missing the big picture. They are popping pills daily and spilling their guts in therapy, but they remain morose. They are stuck in their bedrooms with the lights off and curtains closed, isolated from the world.

With no job, friends or worthwhile diversions, it is no wonder they are depressed. In fact, it is logical that they are. Not even the most potent dose of Prozac will cure this kind of emptiness. The only solution is to re-enter the world.

The cure to an obstinate depression is to create a meaningful existence; to live a life worth living. Understandably, this is difficult for someone who is depressed. They lack energy, find no pleasure in activities and are overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. However, it is critical that they fight the illness's demons. They must resist the inkling to crawl back under the covers and hide from the world.

I use some simple strategies with patients to help them build a life that has meaning. First, at the beginning of each week they are instructed to schedule at least one reinforcing activity each day. The purpose is for them to introduce some pleasure into their pleasure-less lives.

Second, they must reconnect socially. I encourage them to phone an old friend, join a club or organization, or even an online support group. The rationale is simple; they need to have human contact so that they feel connected to the world. Third, they must contribute to society in a meaningful way. A job (volunteer or paid) can be the best anti-depressant. I don't care if it is for 30 minutes a week. The point is that it is important for anyone who is alive to feel that their presence in the world benefits others.

Getting this is truly the key to conquering depression. Medicine is an excellent option, but on its own it is inadequate for moderate to severe depression. Therapy is great too, but when the focus of sessions is on analysis and not action, it is problematic. Building a meaningful existence is like taking medicine - it tastes bad and is hard to swallow, but the payoff makes it worth the pain. If you know someone who is suffering from depression, I encourage you to pass this article on. It may just be exactly what they need.

Dr. Andrea M. Macari holds a Ph.D. in Clinical and School Psychology and is an Instructor of Psychology at Suffolk County Community College. She has appeared on ABC, CNN Headline News, the Discovery Channel, CNBC, and Court TV as well as dozens of radio stations. Please see her website, www.DrMacari.com, for her biography or for more information on mental illness.

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11:09 pm
Excellent support group
Hi to anyone who is visiting!

I went on a journey to find a support group for people with depression and came across DailyStrength.com its a wonderful place. There are some fantastic people there and its a very supportive environment. If you have visited this community I highly recommend visiting DailyStrength.com and click on the depression community - I have found some great friends there and the people there will try to help anyone who asks for help. I cant recommend it highly enough, I'll put one last post in here that may help some people - but if you want more help please visit dailystrength.com

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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007
11:24 pm
Useful info

Here are some useful numbers to call for people in Australia

numbers to call when all seems dark - lifeline 131114, kids help line 1800 55 1800.

Lifeline is really good, its hard to get through in Australia because its busy most of the time but if you are feeling suicidal persist!!! 
Keep pressing redial and eventually you will get through - its easier at odd times of the day like really early in the morning or really late at night.

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10:59 pm
First member introduction to the Community
Hi there,

Just to give people an idea of how to get started I am writing the first post which may be a helpful format to follow to get feedback from other people.
1. Who are you
2. What is depression doing to you
3. What steps are and have you been taking
4. What ideas can you offer or what question do you have or where are you at right now.

I'm a 30 something single woman who has recently survived the breakup of a long term relationship. I'm working towards fighting my depression in many ways, this community is one of them.

Depression is really interfering with my life. I find it hard to get up in the mornings, I feel sleepy all day, I'm unmotivated and often feel hopeless about my situation. I find it hard to get out of the house, hard to meet people and I'm annoyed with myself because I keep letting myself down. One of the most debilitating effects of this depression is that I cant seem to meet any commitment that I set for myself such as regular walks, or even a commitment to brush my teeth every morning. Its embarressing to admit that and very frustrating on a day to day basis.

I may have had anxiety/depression most of my life but I have only been recently diagnosed. I have been suffering the effects of depression for the last six months and I'm not waiting for it to get better, I know I have to do things to get better and I also know that I will never feel like doing anything that will help - so I just need to do it regardless.

Steps taken so far - I'm on medication, anti depressants (effexor 300mg), I'm trying to get out and be around people, I'm working on building a support network and I have a goal of regular exercise (1/2 hr walking everyday) which I am not doing very well with lately.

The anxiety has been taken care of by the medication, and I cant even begin to express what a relief that is. I had no idea how it was holding me back in every way until it was gone. I'm still not achieving much thanks to the depression but I'm working at it and things will have to get better if I keep trying.

Right now I'm trying to rebuild my life so that I can say to others I lead a happy single life, that means that among other things I'm trying to get a job after years of isolation from people (thanks to an injury) and years of not working. I'm desperately lonely and seem to spend most of my time avoiding facing the fact that I am very alone in a world that really doesnt care about me at all. 

Any thoughts or comments please post - I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for reading!

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10:18 pm
Welcome to the beat depression community
Welcome one and all!

This community has been setup by someone who hopes to share their journey fighting depression for mutual support, encouragement and ideas. 

If you have depression now, in the past or you know someone with depression please feel free to post here any questions or problems you might have and hopefully as a community we can support and/or encourage eachother in our journey to overcome the symptoms and realities imposed upon us due to this frustrating and often debilitating condition. 

This community is not meant to replace any other community that may be out there helping people, it is merely one persons attempt to reach out to others to start a positive change in their life. If you know of any supportive communities either in your physical location or online please feel free to post a link or reference to them here. If you are just visiting and you would like to leave a mark to show your visit or offer some contributions to someones post please post a comment - it would really make my day!

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