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Seeking some company

Hello, I'd like to keep my name private, but you may call me Auron. I'm a 21 year-old female and I suffer from chronic depression. I am currently on medication for depression. However I feel as if my mood hasn't gotten much better. In fact, I feel more depressed and suicidal.

Lately I've been feeling incredibly lonely. I don't feel very connected to my friends anymore or their lives. It is most likely my fault, but every since I moved away to college, I just feel extremely lonely. On the topic of college, this has been on my mind alot lately. You see this coming year is supposed to be my senior year. However, I have yet been able to acquire a loan for college. Without a loan, I won't be able to afford the 31k bill.

I am also trying to complete a 10 page story for a teacher that I owe work for in order to pass a class. I received an incomplete grade for the year and need to finish this work in order to get a letter grade. The problem is that my depression is further causing me to be unmotivated to draw. I've been trying to give myself busy work,  but nothing seems to cheer me up.

I guess I just need someone to talk to or to listen to.
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July 28 2010, 17:17:55 UTC 6 years ago

I just pray that you can persevere. Life is not easy but it has its won challenges. Though you dont feel connected to your friends, it is okay to feel that way. Just keep trying and I am sure you will see the brighetr side of life.
sorry to hear about what your dealing with.I have had issues in the past myself as well as again just recently. I found a book call" please understand me" helped that was suggested to me. Hope it helps. I do understand talking to someone help I feel the same way. good luck