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Welcome to the beat depression community

Welcome one and all!

This community has been setup by someone who hopes to share their journey fighting depression for mutual support, encouragement and ideas. 

If you have depression now, in the past or you know someone with depression please feel free to post here any questions or problems you might have and hopefully as a community we can support and/or encourage eachother in our journey to overcome the symptoms and realities imposed upon us due to this frustrating and often debilitating condition. 

This community is not meant to replace any other community that may be out there helping people, it is merely one persons attempt to reach out to others to start a positive change in their life. If you know of any supportive communities either in your physical location or online please feel free to post a link or reference to them here. If you are just visiting and you would like to leave a mark to show your visit or offer some contributions to someones post please post a comment - it would really make my day!
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