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First member introduction to the Community

Hi there,

Just to give people an idea of how to get started I am writing the first post which may be a helpful format to follow to get feedback from other people.
1. Who are you
2. What is depression doing to you
3. What steps are and have you been taking
4. What ideas can you offer or what question do you have or where are you at right now.

I'm a 30 something single woman who has recently survived the breakup of a long term relationship. I'm working towards fighting my depression in many ways, this community is one of them.

Depression is really interfering with my life. I find it hard to get up in the mornings, I feel sleepy all day, I'm unmotivated and often feel hopeless about my situation. I find it hard to get out of the house, hard to meet people and I'm annoyed with myself because I keep letting myself down. One of the most debilitating effects of this depression is that I cant seem to meet any commitment that I set for myself such as regular walks, or even a commitment to brush my teeth every morning. Its embarressing to admit that and very frustrating on a day to day basis.

I may have had anxiety/depression most of my life but I have only been recently diagnosed. I have been suffering the effects of depression for the last six months and I'm not waiting for it to get better, I know I have to do things to get better and I also know that I will never feel like doing anything that will help - so I just need to do it regardless.

Steps taken so far - I'm on medication, anti depressants (effexor 300mg), I'm trying to get out and be around people, I'm working on building a support network and I have a goal of regular exercise (1/2 hr walking everyday) which I am not doing very well with lately.

The anxiety has been taken care of by the medication, and I cant even begin to express what a relief that is. I had no idea how it was holding me back in every way until it was gone. I'm still not achieving much thanks to the depression but I'm working at it and things will have to get better if I keep trying.

Right now I'm trying to rebuild my life so that I can say to others I lead a happy single life, that means that among other things I'm trying to get a job after years of isolation from people (thanks to an injury) and years of not working. I'm desperately lonely and seem to spend most of my time avoiding facing the fact that I am very alone in a world that really doesnt care about me at all. 

Any thoughts or comments please post - I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for reading!
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